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  • North Korea Release Shocking Images Of Tanks Lined Up For War With West

    North Korea Release Shocking Images Of Tanks Lined Up For War With West  Kim Jong-un's fighter jets, subs and multiple artillery units.North Korea have released shocking images of massive military drills that show the West  North Korea has released shocking images of massive military drills that show the West that they are more than ready for war. The gut-wrenching show of force reveals Kim Jong-un's fighter jets, attack submarines, and multiple artillery units. The shocking photo shows an entire beach on the east coast of the hermit state littered with explosions as soldiers carry out pre-war drills.


    Submarines emerge from the water off port town of Wonsan as jets take off and land and it's now estimated that 300 - 400 artillery units have been used in the drills, as confirmed by South Korea. kim jong un s fighter jets attacks submarines and multiple artillery units © press Kim Jong-un's fighter jets, attacks submarines and multiple artillery units. The express reports: They said they were monitoring the situation, which they described as a “large-scale firing drill” and said they were "firmly maintaining readiness”.



    A North Korea propaganda newspaper based in Pyongyang said: “There is no limit to the strike power of the People's Army armed with our style of cutting-edge military equipment including various precision and miniaturised nuclear weapons and submarine-launched ballistic missiles.” Photographer Eric Lafforgue ventured to North Korea six times. Thanks to digital memory cards, he was able to save photos that was forbidden to take inside the segregated state the shocking photo shows an entire beach on the east coast of the hermit state


    © press The shocking photo shows an entire beach on the east coast of the hermit state This 11-day exercise drills has begun in a similarly awe-inspiring manner, with hundreds of personnel involved in the explosive war games. A huge number of North Korean soldiers took part in Kim Jong-un's drill These joint exercises are known to enrage Kim, who believes they are preparation for an invasion of his rogue state. The drills have been held as tension continues to escalate on the Korean peninsula - as well as in Japan. submarines emerge from the water off port town of wonsan as jets take off and land © press Submarines emerge from the water off port town of Wonsan as jets take off and land Fighter jets took part in Kim Jong-un's explosive military drill Tokyo has ordered local government to carry out civilian evacuation practices, in preparation for a possible attack or invasion. As well as this, Japanese companies have reported a surge in sales of bomb shelters and air filtration devices, products which cost tens of thousands of pounds. Kim had promised to reduce Japan to “debris” in recent months, sending alarm bells ringing across the West.


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    © Neon Nettle



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  • Ethiopian Traditional Music Instruments

    Stringed Musical Instruments

    these music instruments works by vibration.
    1. "Begena" :- this is used for spiritual purpose.
    2. "Kirar" :- this has been used for many years to express happiness, depression, love and battle cry.
    3. "Mesenko" :-Particularly found in northern part of  Ethiopia
    4. "Dita " :- this is one type stringed instrument and is Found in Sidamo.
    5. "Dul " :- this is one type stringed instrument and is Found in Gambella.

    Woodwind Musical instruments

    1. "Washint" :- Mostly used by herdsmen in country sides and in stages to back up other musical instruments.
    2. "Embilta" :- there are three types of embilta, "efun", "Awra" and " Yema". It's used for national celebration and other events.
    3. "Meleket" :- This been used in the earlier days to declare governmental information for the public.
    4."Dinke" :- Thie instrument is used in Sidamo province to see off funeral service.
    5."pareresa" :-Widely used in southern part of Ethiopia as
    musical background.
    6."hura" :- This is used as a musical instrument in some ethnic groups.
    7."checha ziye" :-It's used as a background music for dance events.



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  • Kebron Charity Club: Perfect Model for Humanity.

    Kebron charity club was established by 32 volunteer youths who lives in mekelle city in Nov 06, 2015 and registered under 338/2008 of Tigray social affairs bureau to solve the socio-economic problems of society and made its focus area in children, with age range between 7-15 years old. In the current situation kebron has 42 children under its umbrella and it has been providing them all rounded supports especially educational supports.


    • To provide educational materials to the children.
    • To create and develop culture of helping each other in the society.
    • To see a harmonized and problem free society.
    • And providing all rounded support so as the students will be in school.

    Kebron always acts as a bridge between the society and the poor students and tries to fill the gap in between. Kebron helps those children to be in school by providing all educational related materials.


    • To maximize students’ self-confidence and self-esteem so as to use their talents effectively.
    • To solve the socio-economic problems and cultural influences on the students by integrating with parents, teachers and other concerned bodies.
    • To make schools the source of students with good ethics and self-confidence.

    Activities done by Kebron in 2015

    • In the beginning of 2015 it has given a hundred dozens of exercise books, three packs of pens and pencils to students found around “ Aynalem “.
    • Has provided sanitary materials such as soaps, detergents, combs, hair oils and modes for female students.
    • Kebron has spent holidays like Christmas and Easter with street children and elders and made a donation of clothes and shoes that was collected from people around mekelle.
    • And has given 42 hens with all accessories to the students’ family for Easter holiday.

    < One Pack for One Child >

    It is a one method of collecting educational materials and involving and creating awareness to the society.

    One pack for one child stands for...

          - 12 exercise books,

           - 2 pens,

            - 2 pencils,

           - 2 sharpeners,

           - 2 rubbers for one child. Kebron Charity club has collected above 300 packs, which is estimated above 45000 birr, and distributed it to 300 students from the seven sub cities of mekelle.  



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  • SUR Construction has signed a contract today with Mekelle City Administration

    SUR Construction has signed a contract today with Mekelle City Administration for the construction of an average 30m wide seven different Internal Asphalt Road projects with a total length of 21Km which will be completed in the coming three years.

    Moreover, SUR Construction will fully finance from its own the cost of all these projects and the city administration will pay back interest free at equal installments in the coming six years which is a golden road infrastructure development opportunity for our capital city.

    In addition, SUR Construction is planning to involve a minimum of ten local contractors and as many as possible SME firms in the construction of these road projects which will be a spring board for larger future long lasting co-operations in our incoming new projects.


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  • meaning behind the names of mekelle university campuses

    Mekelle University, a quarter-century old university is found in Mekelle, a town found in northern part of Ethiopia. This university is one of the leading higher educational institutes in the country located in different campuses named “Arid”, Business (Adihaki), “Ayder”, and “Kelamino”. These four different campuses have names for their different places and buildings. Let’s begin by Adihaki campus.

    1)      “Kenenisa” Building

    You may want to ask this question, what this building has got to do with kenenisa? The answer is as simple as this – Speed. Kenenisa building showed rapid progress starting from the day corner stone has laid till it was ready for dormitory service. Some of them said it was hard to believe. At the final point of construction Ethiopian athlete Kenenisa Bekele won the 10,000 and 5,000ntrack races; hence the name was given to the building.

    2)      Darfur Building

    This name is frequently mentioned on TV, Radio and Newspapers with war and ethnic conflicts. Although this building is not currently giving services but still it is serving as the name and for male and female dormitory. Because this dormitory holds up to 26 students in one room, it’s full of quarrels, noise, music and sometimes small and big robbing can happen here especially in male students this name deserves it.

    The Names of Arid Campus

    1)       “Ashegoda” or Lucy

    When you enter into Arid campus to the lefts side you will find a newly built teaching class and male students dormitory. This place is so windy that during night students are forced to wear clothes that gives them warm. This place is called “Ashegoda”, named after a place found when you enter Mekelle. This place has wind farm project which generates 150 megawatt electric power.

                Right after this building you will find female students dormitory area. Between those buildings there is a fence. This building is called “Hidase” (Renaissance) building, named after the burning issue of the great Ethiopian renaissance dam. At the same place you will find the old dormitory area of female students though now it’s serving as dormitory of male students which created paradox.

    2)      Africa Hood

    This place is found in different area from lucy and hidase buildings and has relatively interesting vibe. It serves as the room for graduating students. The main reason that makes it more interesting is that it’s great spot for music, art events and other events like crazy day, water day and culture day.

    3)      The “Gedam” hood

    Gedam (monastery) hood is male students’ dormitory filled with tall trees that creates fresh air. In this area you can rarely see female students; hence it’s given the name.

    4)       “ ken’an”

    This place has almost the same history with ken’an in the holy bible because this place took more time to build starting from the day the university has promised.

    5)       “Sawa”

    This dormitory building doesn’t exist anymore. In the earlier times up to 26 students used to live in one room and life in here was probably hard. Sawa is a military camp found in Eritrea; hence the name was given. 


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