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  • Funny Trade Names of Mekelle [ Part 1 - Part 3]

    Here are some funny trade names of Mekelle city which we intended only just for fun and it has no intention of hurting or humiliating any individual or group of people. These jokes are based on different trade names which some people often used in some parts of mekelle. This Jokes are written by the accent which is spoken around mekelle areas. Have Fun!



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  • Here are the Top Scorers of Kalamino Special HIghschool

    Kallamino special high school is a full scholarship boarding Secondary School for talented students competitively selected from all primary schools of Tigray National Regional state. The school was established in 1998 by Tigrai Development Association (TDA) a membership based non-for-profit organization with a vision of making Tigrai prosperous and free from poverty and backwardness. Over the past quarter of the century TDA has been mainly engaged in the expansion of primary and secondary schools, as well as health institutional. As part of its effort to improving quality of education, TDA established and runs a full boarding special high school for high achieving students.

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  • Ethiopia to Inaugurate Mekelle, Kombolcha Industrial Parks Next Month

    Ethiopia will inaugurate two industrial parks built by Chinese firms next month, according to Xinhua news agency.

    The news agency cited Industrial Parks Development Corporation as saying that Mekelle Industrial Park and the Kombolcha Industrial Park, located 783 kilometers and 252 km north of Addis Ababa, respectively, are both dedicated to the textile and apparel and have a combined construction cost of USD 250 million.

    Ethiopia has ambitions to be a textile and apparel manufacturing hub in Africa earning the country USD 1 billion by 2020 and providing ample employment opportunity for its estimated 45 million workforce, it added.

    "There are about 10 ongoing or completed industrial park projects with plans to inaugurate four other industrial parks by the end of 2017," CEO of the Corporation Sisay Gemechu told Xinhua.

    Mekelle Industrial Park and Kombolcha  Industrial Park are being built by China Communications Construction Company and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation respectively.

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  • Universities to Enroll New Students

    These are the new universities that will start enrolling new students in 2010 academic years.

    1. Dembidolo University
    2. Debark University
    3. Bonga University
    4. Werabe University
    5. Jinka University
    6. Kebridehar University
    7. Enjibara University
    8. Raya University
    9. Mekdela University


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