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Ethiopian Traditional Music Instruments

Stringed Musical Instruments

these music instruments works by vibration.
1. "Begena" :- this is used for spiritual purpose.
2. "Kirar" :- this has been used for many years to express happiness, depression, love and battle cry.
3. "Mesenko" :-Particularly found in northern part of  Ethiopia
4. "Dita " :- this is one type stringed instrument and is Found in Sidamo.
5. "Dul " :- this is one type stringed instrument and is Found in Gambella.

Woodwind Musical instruments

1. "Washint" :- Mostly used by herdsmen in country sides and in stages to back up other musical instruments.
2. "Embilta" :- there are three types of embilta, "efun", "Awra" and " Yema". It's used for national celebration and other events.
3. "Meleket" :- This been used in the earlier days to declare governmental information for the public.
4."Dinke" :- Thie instrument is used in Sidamo province to see off funeral service.
5."pareresa" :-Widely used in southern part of Ethiopia as
musical background.
6."hura" :- This is used as a musical instrument in some ethnic groups.
7."checha ziye" :-It's used as a background music for dance events.



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