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Kebron Charity Club: Perfect Model for Humanity.

Kebron charity club was established by 32 volunteer youths who lives in mekelle city in Nov 06, 2015 and registered under 338/2008 of Tigray social affairs bureau to solve the socio-economic problems of society and made its focus area in children, with age range between 7-15 years old. In the current situation kebron has 42 children under its umbrella and it has been providing them all rounded supports especially educational supports.


  • To provide educational materials to the children.
  • To create and develop culture of helping each other in the society.
  • To see a harmonized and problem free society.
  • And providing all rounded support so as the students will be in school.

Kebron always acts as a bridge between the society and the poor students and tries to fill the gap in between. Kebron helps those children to be in school by providing all educational related materials.


  • To maximize students’ self-confidence and self-esteem so as to use their talents effectively.
  • To solve the socio-economic problems and cultural influences on the students by integrating with parents, teachers and other concerned bodies.
  • To make schools the source of students with good ethics and self-confidence.

Activities done by Kebron in 2015

  • In the beginning of 2015 it has given a hundred dozens of exercise books, three packs of pens and pencils to students found around “ Aynalem “.
  • Has provided sanitary materials such as soaps, detergents, combs, hair oils and modes for female students.
  • Kebron has spent holidays like Christmas and Easter with street children and elders and made a donation of clothes and shoes that was collected from people around mekelle.
  • And has given 42 hens with all accessories to the students’ family for Easter holiday.

< One Pack for One Child >

It is a one method of collecting educational materials and involving and creating awareness to the society.

One pack for one child stands for...

      - 12 exercise books,

       - 2 pens,

        - 2 pencils,

       - 2 sharpeners,

       - 2 rubbers for one child. Kebron Charity club has collected above 300 packs, which is estimated above 45000 birr, and distributed it to 300 students from the seven sub cities of mekelle.  



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