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Rahel Art Gallery : An Eye Opener Place for Art

At the heart of mekelle there’s one eye catchy, compound filled with green trees and fresh air. Rahel art gallery is one of the leading places in mekelle to refresh your self and gather up friends to have good time. It was opened in 2014 by painter Rahel Buluts aimed to promote art and create one option for entertainment in mekelle, a town experiencing shortage of entertainment areas.

  Rahel art gallery owns a gallery which combines various collection of paintings and sculptures made by young and experienced artists. Inside the art gallery there are two rooms which are dedicatedly open the whole day for domestic and foreign visitors.

Inside the compound, there’s a coffee shop where people can enjoy drinking coffee or tea and eat the domestic bread named as “hanzza” with “mess” an Ethiopian domestic drink originally made of honey. In addition there are many books written by different authors which are free to be read by the customers of the art gallery.

                Rahel art gallery is well known by its art event which takes place every Saturday afternoon at 9 o’clock local time. At this event many young and experienced writers present their short novel, poems, monologues and jokes from mekelle city and its surrounding towns. This art event is also becoming one big venue for inauguration of books and stage for inspirational speeches by different scholars.

                Outside the compound, there’s one room filled with different cultural and historic gift items where many tourists purchase gift for their beloved ones.


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